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For any enquiry, please contact the co-organisers below by email or phone.

Lee Kum Kee International Young Chef ChineseCulinary Challenge Secretariat

Tel: 2114 2811

Email: LKKchallenge@mastermindevents.com.hk


Australian Chinese Restaurateur Association

Tel: (61) 424 983 788

Email: aaronmi@tasteofshanghai.com.au

NSW Chef Association

Tel: (61) 410 127 223

Email: allenlai1951@hotmail.com


Chinese Cuisine and Hospitality Association of Canada

Tel: 416-520-9398

Email: michaelliao@gmail.com


Guangdong Restaurant Association

Tel: 13825030818

Email: gra@gra2008.org


Hunan Cuisine Industry Association

Tel: 18684911355

Email: 275601788@qq.com


Jiangsu Cuisine Industry Association

Tel: +86 15850508855

Email: 653588244@qq.com


Shanghai Restaurants Cuisine Association

Tel: 13601951851

Email: srca88@163.com

Europe (France)

French International Cuisine Association

Tel: 0033(0)1 43 15 94 30 / 0033(0)685422508

Email: Chen_jinbin@hotmail.com

Europe (The Netherlands) 

Vereniging Chinese Horeca Ondernemers

Tel: +31627036780

Email: yubin1988@msn.com

Hong Kong

Chinese Culinary Institute

Tel: +852 2538 2373

Email: ycc2016@vtc.edu.hk

Website: http://www.cci.edu.hk/cci/html/tc/ycc.html


The Japan Association of Chinese Cuisine

Tel: 81-3-36665415

Email: ohno@jaccc.or.jp

Website: http://www.jaccc.or.jp


Korea Chinese Cuisine Alliance (KCCA)

Tel: 82-10-4526-6327

Email: luchinglai@hotmail.com


Macau Cuisine Association

Tel: +853 2859 1636

Email: macaucusine2015@163.com


The Malaysia Selangor and Federal Territory Ku Su Shin Choong Hung Restaurant Association

Tel: +601 2333 2800

Email: kusushin@kusu.com.my


The Pan Malaysia Koo Soo Restaurants Association

Tel: +601 6833 6078

Email: portview1984@gmail.com


Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs (Singapore)

Tel: +65 8169351

Email: ltpung@gimtim.com.sg/punglutin@yahoo.com.sg


Chinese Culinary Exchange Association

Tel: 0917537153

Email: hipdh2005@yahoo.com.tw


Chinese Gourmet Association

Tel: 0903822696

Email: cgaorg@gmail.com

Website: www.cgaorg.tw

Taiwan International Cookery Association

Tel: 0933927792

Email: chief@77-67.com

Taiwan Junior Chefs Association

Tel: 0936657532

Email: simon_532@yahoo.com.tw

The United States

Asian American Restaurant Association

Tel: 917-968-8729

Email: peterthhow@yahoo.com


#In alphabetical order by region and name ofassociations

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